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Don't Allow People's "I Told You So" Make You Regret Your Decisions

Have you ever made a decision and it didn't work out at all how you thought it was going to? Some may call this failure. Others call it a mistake. I've been trying to retrain my brain to think of it as a lesson.

Somedays that's hard when you have people in your ear giving you a good ole "I told you so."

Career Decisions

If you're anything like me, you've made a career switch or two... or three in the last couple of years. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to find my home away from home at a business that allows me to enjoy what I do. Here's your reminder that it's okay to leave a business that just isn't the right place for you.

People may call you crazy. You may end up back home. That's okay! You took a risk. Learned a lesson. And now at least you don't have to wonder "what if."

Moving Across the Country

If you have the ability to move across the country for a career change, just because you want to, etc. Do it. Again, you may end up back home, it may take a toll on you or you look back and think wow that was dumb. You'll probably get a few more "I told you so's" but again, how amazing is it that you won't sit there and wonder what could've been?

Take Risks

The biggest message I hope you take away or put in your life is to take risks. Do things scared. Don't allow fear to keep your from living out your purpose. Of course, you need to discern which risks are worth it and which just aren't feasible... But if it's something that you want and know you can do, go for it.

I've moved for a career. I've moved for a guy. I ended up back home. I went sky diving. I bought the dog. I took an internship the summer after graduation. I've cried... a lot. I received a million "I told you so's" along the way. Sometimes I thought to myself, maybe they're right, maybe I should avoid taking risks and quit jumping into things.

Eventually I reminded myself that's not at all what I should do. Instead I'm going to continue to pray about everything. If it feels right, I'm going for it no matter what anyone says. Moving to a new state? If it's the right fit, absolutely. Going to a concert in June? Already bought the tickets.

All you can do is take other's opinions with a grain of salt and remember that we're God's children. He's the only one who can judge us. So pray about everything and keep learning lessons.

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